Emergency Client Assistance

This program meets the basic needs of individuals facing chronic poverty- the low income, the elderly, the homebound and the homeless- by providing life-sustaining assists at critical times with rent, utility and medical payments; food, clothing and transportation. This program has multiple components in order to best respond to the ever-changing needs of the individuals and community we serve.

Senior Services

The program focus is to improve and maintain the quality of life for the elderly. It includes Saturday Meal Delivery to the homebound; Minor Home Repairs; emergency assistance services; free legal counsel and health and wellness screenings.

Legal Assistance

An attorney specializing in the legal needs and issues of the elderly is on staff to provide free legal counsel to seniors in areas such as: tax preparation and Public entitlement; Applications and Appeals assistance; lessening of function and end of life issues. Free counsel is also provided to clients of the Center.

Health Maintenance

This is a free, ongoing program staffed by area health care professionals such as Swope Parkway, Truman Medical Center, St. Luke's, KU School of Nursing and the Park University School of Nursing. This program offers mammograms; basic health and dental screenings; nutritional and disease prevention education; home health assessment for the homebound; and flu shots.

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